Boost XP 2

Boost XP 2

The neatly organized interface is loaded with standard Windows...

The neatly organized interface is loaded with standard Windows Explorer icons, making navigation quick and familiar. It is included with the usual fare of desktop settings, and a handful of performance enhancers such as registry cleaner, memory optimizer, uninstaller, start-up manager, and many more.

BoostXP has mind-blowing features to separate it from other packages; nice interface and speedy operations makes it a good choice. KEY BENEFITS Style your Windows and work the way you want it to If you want your Windows to look different, here is your chance to beautify Windows and make it appear the way you desire it to.

BoostXP2 is embedded with various utilities to merit your requirements. Put the accumulated clutter away BoostXP2 scans and fixes problems caused by invalid entries, references and links in the Windows registry and clears the garbage collected on your hard drive during normal usage.

Enhance performance and increase the breadth of memory BoostXP2 is the utility for serious Windows tweakers! It lets you to change the Windows registry settings, improve appearance, optimize performance and enhance functionality.

Not only this, it manages the free memory and increases available memory to run Windows programs. Be in active control of programs on your system BoostXP2 is an essential component of your security administration.

It can restrict system user to execute specific application(s) and secures your system by disabling features of operating system or Internet Explorer that are exposed to security threats.

Take control of your system BoostXP2 gives you instant access to hidden Windows XP settings. You can make the Windows taskbar transparent, tweak several types of desktop settings, customize the Start menu, and enable several hidden performance options that are otherwise difficult to find and change.

Rescue centre for smooth system functioning Backup your essential information and assure your operations. BoostXP2 not only takes backup of your complete system but can also restore your system to last known good configuration when required.

It can also bind your system by securing Windows with number of restrictions and policies. Safeguard your system and ensures privacy BoostXP2 lets you to selectively view cookie contents and Internet Explorer cache as a separate file, and delete them.

It clears the Internet Explorer's visited link/URL history and recent document history to ensure privacy. Manage files easily BoostXP2 is a comprehensive utility that fixes and recovers data from a corrupt zip file.

Apart from this, it can split or rejoin a file and can securely delete your files. Subsidiary tasks of use BoostXP2 comes with miscellaneous options like: feature to know where the important system folders are stored on your local disk drive and allows modifying them or you can automatically log into Windows skipping Windows logon screen.

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